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Aug. 21, 2021

7 Best Home Gym Essentials

7 Best Home Gym Essentials

Home Gym Equipment Made Easy

Are you in the market for a home gym that will have all the equipment necessary to get your body into shape? Do you want to keep your muscles toned without having to go to a health club? Wanting exercise to lose weight?

If the answer is yes, then you’ve come to the right place. The reality is leaving your home for exercise can sometimes be time consuming. As a personal trainer, I totally understand that you want to see results. That’s why having the right home gym equipment is so essential to having good workouts.

According to a survey posted on the New York Post, most Americans prefer having a home gym instead of going outside for a workout. Especially after the Corona Virus Pandemic. Even more fascinating is that 25% of people reported exercising more during quarantine. This makes sense because regular fitness can have a substantial impact on physical health as well as mental wellness.

Home Gym Workouts – I Get It

As a middle-aged man, I certainly appreciate the benefits of regular exercise. To keep it real, nothing feels worse than to look in the mirror and see love handles in belly section-thanks to excessive fat.

The truth is that it takes consistent work if you want to lose weight. With all the fast weight loss fads that are going around on social media, you want to move your body in a way that will help you maintain good health.

Home gym equipment won’t do any good if they just sit in the corner. That’s why it’s important to pick functional workout gear that provide for multiple exercise options.

Here is what I’ve learn about good home gym essentials. You want to be able to do cardio, along with muscle toning equipment. It’s this combination that will help you to build lean muscle and lose weight.

What follows are 7 best home gym essentials that I highly recommended. To be straight forward with you, the links are to Amazon-an online retailer that I’m currently affiliated with.

Ready to look better? Let’s get started!

TRX Home Gym Trainer

1.TRX Home Gym Suspension Trainer

In my opinion, this is an absolute must have for anyone who wants a fitness on the go. I’ve used this suspension trainer to get a complete body workout on many occasions. I’m talking biceps, triceps, abs, and legs.  Use your own bodyweight to shape muscles. The 2 straps with handles can hang from a door or be secured to a tree. I highly recommend it.

See Amazon for price

Home gym kettlebell set

2.Yes4All Home Kettlebell Set

Swing your hips into action while getting a good glute burn with these beautifully made kettlebells. These weights are easy to store since they have a flat bottom. I really love the handles, along with vinyl coated finish. If you are looking for variety then this might be the perfect essential for you. I personally have the 15 and 25lbs always ready to get pumped.

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3. Bowflex Xceed Home Gym

Are you looking for a machine that will hit chest, arms, back, shoulders and legs? I’m a big fan of this equipment because it can be adjusted for custom workouts. Kick start muscle growth with 210lbs of resistance. Concentrate on specific parts of your body during your exercise routine.

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Elliptical home trainer.

4. Schwinn 470 Home Elliptical Machine

This high-quality cardio machine is great for burning calories any time of day. I can tell you that I love this elliptical because there is very little impact on the knees. Another great feature is I can connect my phone to it through the easy-to-use USB port. Don’t like wires? It has Bluetooth connectivity. Download the app to virtually run at different locations.

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Adjustable dumbbell set for home gym

5. ProForm 50lbs Adjustable Dumbbell Pair

When it’s time to bicep curls or renegade rows, look no further than these affordable dumbbells for home. You can easily increase the weight since with just one push. I always keep this set in my exercise room to do concentration curls and skull crushers. Having said that-they also come with a holding tray to keep everything organized.

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Home fitness mirror

6. Echelon Home Fitness Mirror

Imagine having your own personal trainer to guide you through exercises anytime you want. I’ve done workouts at my friend’s place with his exercise mirror, and I am really impressed with training method. With a membership you can choose a multitude of classes. Try the Zumba. It’s a fun. Everything from Boxing to yoga. Large screen makes viewing fitness instructors easy.

Check Amazon for price

Home gym ab roller

7. Wonder Core Slide Fit Home Ab Roller

Whenever I want a good core workout this is my go-to essential. Unlike an ab wheel, this one has a flat surface which allows for greater range of motion. I start out with both knees on the floor and then firmly grab the handles. It takes a little practice but after a while I was able to really become good with this device. Be ready for ripped abs with this one.

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Wrap Up

A good sound system is paramount to a functional home gym. If you’re using a set of ear buds than this probably won’t matter. Having said that, I’ve always found that when I’m playing my favorite music the workouts are more intense. Classic rock is usually playing during my exercise routines.

Try to find an area in your home that give you the space to really work up a sweat. Even a garage or spare bedroom can be retrofitted in such a way that rivals top tier health clubs. Remember, this is your special space to exercise. I consider fitness as an investment in my long-term health. There are a ton of pictures on Instagram to give you inspiration for your own home fitness area. Consider these essentials when you build your home gym. Remember, you deserve the best for your home gym.