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June 1, 2021

Facelift Without Plastic Surgery Part 1 - IPL Laser Treatment

Facelift Without Plastic Surgery Part 1 - IPL Laser Treatment

Improve self-esteem by having a facelift without plastic surgery. In this episode learn about the IPL laser treatment.

Looking for honest New Image Works Reviews? Have you ever wondered what it looks like when a guy gets dermal filler? Are you searching for realistic ways to look younger at 50 years old? In this episode, Frank shares his experience getting the Halo Laser Treatment.

Hello, and welcome to episode 5 of the Parenting Over 40 Podcast, I’m your host, Frank Sasso. I’m a clinical psychotherapist out of Chicago, IL.  I’m also a daddy, who along with my wife, decided to have a child after 40.

Show Highlights

Here are just a few topics from this episode:

  • Halo Laser experience
  • Secrets to looking younger at 50
  • Review New Image Works Med Spa in Glenview, IL
  • Learn skills on managing anxiety.


New Image Works Halo Laser Treatment

In this episode, I’ll be sharing my New Image Works Review about on the Halo Fractional Laser. I’ll also describe getting Botox plus dermal fillers.  I have to say the changes were nothing less than incredible! More specifically - I’ll be show you the transformational process I experienced during my sessions at this Chicago North Shore medical spa. My desire in this specific show is give you a better idea of what it’s like to look younger at 50.

Now, before I go any further - I just mention some things. If you like the show, then please subscribe. If you are so inspired, I’d be grateful for a review. You can always contact me by emailing I’ve put all the before and after images of my experience on the parenting over 40 podcasts website.

New Image Works Glenview, IL review of services.

New Image Works Referral Program

If you are in the Chicago area and happen to visit New Image Works medical spa, please mention Frank Sasso. They have a referral program that allows me to get points towards my next treatment. Finally, just a fast disclaimer: this show is not a replacement for mental health counseling. I’m not your personal psychotherapist.

Anti-Aging at 50 Years Old

You know, as a middle-aged parent to a toddler, I frankly don’t want to be looking like some shriveling up older man if there’s technology out there that can help me to look a little younger. On the other hand, I don’t want skin that looks so fake that people will automatically know I’ve had work one.

I decided to treat myself to a complete facial overhaul for my 50th birthday.  During episode 4, I described the first part of the process, which was the BBL laser treatments. Feel free to go back and listen anytime.

I made this sort of self-agreement with myself that I would allow this medical spa called New Image Works do anything they wanted to my face – with one stipulation – no knives and no surgery. Everything else I’d be okay with.

New Image Works prices for treatments.

What my Face Looked Like Before New Image Works

Let me give you an idea of what my face looked like before I spent over $6,000 to have everything done. Prior these procedures, my skin tone had this like grey ash to it – I mean it was dull like a chalkboard that looked as if it had been erased way too many times over the years. I had deep wrinkles on my forehead and these extending crows feet lines around the eyes.

To make matters worse, I suffer from a skin condition called Rosacea – which causes redness and flushing all over my face. On top of all that, there were tiny age spots on my face that had formed because I spent way too much time out in the sun over the years. The good news was I had always tried to keep good skin hygiene, but there was only so much I could do to slow down the signs of aging.

New Image Works prices in Glenview, IL

Previous New Image Works Experience

During my first 2 visits to the medical spa, I experienced incredibly good results from the BBL laser. All the broken capillaries on my face had disappeared and the brown age spots had essentially faded away. Now I was ready for phase 2:  getting my face zapped by The Halo Laser that costs $1,500 per session. This is the laser that completely resurfaced my face to a point where I actually did look much younger than 50 years old.

New Image Works after 72 hours

Halo Laser for Resurfacing Skin

Just saying that work Halo Laser makes my face warm. Parents out there: this specific type of laser technology is powerful. You might be wondering what my experience was like? Well, I did a little research and came across an article posted by Dr. Patrick Proffer on their website: Proffer Surgical Associates. If you get a chance, check out their URL because it has a lot of great information on cosmetic procedures.

His blog post is titled: 8 Things You Need to Know About the Halo Laser Treatment.

He goes on to mention that the laser can treat scarring, enlarged pores, uneven skin tone and much more. As someone who experienced the Halo Laser Treatment, I can attest that this machine pretty much did everything that the article mentioned. It worked wonders on my skin.

The Night Before New Image Works Chicago/Glenview

So, it’s day before the big appointment with this halo laser. I’m trying to keep my 4-year-old daughter entertained with a game of hide and seek around our condo. While we were playing my mind starting to drift towards the next day at New Image Works.  I kind of knew that the Halo Laser treatment would be a lot more powerful than the other kind laser they used on me before. I still wasn’t quite sure what exactly to expect.  I thought to myself, everything has happened without a hitch. My face already looks better from the last 2 visits. What could possibly go wrong?

New Image Works Chicago, IL


Anxious About Laser Treatment

So, the next morning, I jump into my totally parent looking Honda CRV. I make my third trip out to New Image Medical Works Medical Spa in Glenview, IL. The place is about a 30 min drive from my home. And my car looked awful right? There were unicorn stickers all over the windows from my 4-year-old daughters little backseat adventures. It was also the dead of winter in Chicago, with a balmy temperature of around 25 degrees. Come to think of it, that’s kind of a normal February weather in the Windy City.


New Image Works Prices

I found the prices at New Image Works to be very affordable for the services I received. Here are the prices I paid at New Image Works:

  • Halo Laser $1,500
  • BBL Laser $400 each
  • Voluma Dermal Filler $800 per vial
  • Botox $500 for around 100 units.


This time when I get inside of the med spa, the waiting area appears a little different from the last my last visit. For whatever reason the swanky office is full of these like mega hot looking older women. I mean like darn: perfect skin, voluptuous full lips- shapely hot moms! The reason I can confidently say these were moms at New Image Works is because most of them had their college aged daughters sitting next to them.

Woman That Did Not Look 50 Years Old

When walk into the lobby – the hot moms are kind of looking at me with a look of curiosity. Maybe they are not used to seeing a guy come in for a cosmetic treatment. It’s like I could sense that they were wondering what kind of cosmetic work I’m getting done.

After I check in, Onute, my medical esthetician comes out to greet me. Just like my first two visits before I’m kind of expecting her to tell me to lay down on the medical bed and put on the eye goggles. I mean that’s what basically happened the last time when I had the other kind of laser.

Instead, Onute tells me that a woman named Tatiana, who I think is the supervisor of the medical spa – wants to meet with me before getting the Halo Laser. Now at this point, I’m seriously starting to worry. I start thinking, what the hell did I get myself into.

Before After Halo Laser at New Image Works in Glenview, IL

Halo Laser Expectations

So, Tatiana enters the room. She’s dressed in a white medical coat and carrying a clip board. She is this totally beautiful woman who has dark hair, full lips, and glowing radiant skin. And since she has THOUSANDS of followers on Instagram who like to see her before and after client examples, I was  very familiar with her work.

Tatiana, kind of gazes at me and says, “Are you Ready Frank”. And I sort of half confidently say back – yea, I’m as ready as I’ll ever be. The truth was I I was a little scared inside.

So next, she said something that surprised me - she sort of just blurts out – Okay, this is a big procedure you’re getting done today – Your face is going to feel like it’s on fire!

There was an awkward silence after she let those words flow out from her lips. I mean, it’s not the kind of thing one usually hears during everyday normal conversation, right?  Like Hey, how are you doing. Your face is going to be on fire today.

My Overall Satisfaction at New Image Works

There are two locations for this medical spa: Glenview, IL  on Lake Street and Chicago, IL on Wells.

Visiting New Image Works near Chicago in Glenview, IL for the Halo Laser treatment was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made. Although it took time to recover, it was worth the effort. If you are someone who struggles with pigmentation, elasticity or roughness – then this treatment can work wonders for you. People I don't even know compliment me on the smoothness, including even tones of my skin.  The anti-ageing technology is a fantastic investment to make your skin look it’s best. I would absolutely do this laser treatment again. It was only painful for the first 24 hours. Within a couple of days my skin felt normal. To be fair, it took over 3 weeks to completely heal. In the end it was totally worth a visit to this medical spa. New Image usually has specials on Botox, fillers, including lasers, on their specials page.