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June 7, 2021

How to Look Younger at 50 With Halo Laser Treatment

How to Look Younger at 50 With Halo Laser Treatment

My BBL laser treatment at New Image Works in Glenview, IL was the perfect way to have a facelift without surgery. If you have been thinking of a way to have younger looking skin then this episode will hopefully give you some new self care avenues to think about.  These days, there are numerous ways to improve your looks without going under a knife - due to incredible advancements in cosmetic technology. The Forever Young BBL laser was able to almost remove the rosacea redness on my face, as well as create more youthful looking skin.

Why Choose Forever Young BBL Treatment?

So, I decided to get the BBL treatment as a birthday gift to myself.  I’m a middle aged and there’s some mileage on this face. I basically got tired of looking at my worn-out looking reflection in the mirror.  To be quite honest, I don’t want to be this old, grey looking dude whenever I pick my daughter of from daycare. Before I describe my experience, I want to share with you some researched that was published in 2018 – from The American Society of Plastic Surgeons.

According to their data,  nearly 16 million people across the United States had minimally evasive procedure done. In other words, these are men and women who had cosmetic work done to their faces– without undergoing plastic surgery. The most popular procedures being done are, ®Botox, Dermal Fillers, chemical peels, laser hair removal and microdermabrasion.

Now again -that’s just for non-surgical procedures. But if you add into the mix everyone who also had real plastic surgery – that number jumps to an eye popping 17 million people who had cosmetic work done to enhance their appearance. And I’m not even including everyone who had nose jobs, tummy tucks and breast implants.

Show Highlights

  • Learn about Frank's quest to look 15 years younger.
  • BBL Forever Young Laser Review
  • Discussion on male facelift without surgery
  • Understand current costs for skin procedures.
  • Review of New Image Works in Glenview, IL.

Who Gets Facelifts Without Plastic Surgery?

I must be straight with you – I think there’s a lot more than 17 million who are getting cosmetic work done. I don’t think I’m going out on a limb when I say that a good portion of the TV celebrities, movie stars, politicians, and even local news anchors are getting cosmetic procedure. That’s right! A lot of folks are doing it.

I don’t think it matters if you’re living in The United States, Italy, Germany, or The Philippines- there’s a good chance your favorite celebrities have had work done to their faces.

The bottom line is that cosmetic technology is at such a place now that these kinds of procedures are available to everyday people. You don’t have to be some Hollywood movie star to be able to afford this kind of thing done these days.

Chicago Medical Spa BBL Laser before and after


Aging Skin Problems

If you are new to the show, here was my personal situation. I’m a male and I’m let’s just say I’m middle aged. I’ve always tried to take care of my skin, but I was no match for mother nature. When I looked in the mirror, I could easily see that my cheeks were starting to hollow out and I had lost a lot a lot of volume around the jaw line.

It’s like all the fat that was once in my face had been slowly sucked out over time. I l kind of looked like a skeleton zombie! It probably doesn’t help that I exercise 4x a week and burn lot and burn a lot of calories. And you know -Sometimes it’s kind of nice to have a little extra fat in your face to blow out all those wrinkles.

Another problem I noticed with my skin was the deep lines and furrows on my forehead whenever I lifted my eyebrows. I mean it just looked bad. Like tired – you know what I mean? And hey, it’s not a stretch to say that some of those lines were deep enough to drive a car through. If that wasn’t bad enough-my eyes were also slowly starting to droop down due to gravity and plain old aging. Yup. I was falling apart.

Rosacea Skin Problems

So, on top of all that nastiness going on - I suffer from a skin condition called Rosacea. It’s just awful and anyone who has this skin condition knows exactly what I’m talking about. When my Rosacea flares up, it can cause my face to turn bright red, with totally disgusting red bumps all over the place. There have been days where my rosacea flared so bad that I couldn’t bring myself to leave home. And trust me – you wouldn’t want to see it either because my face constantly looked red and angry.

Having said that, to be honest with you -I was starting to look like this dysmorphic old man Now, it could be that I’m hypersensitive to my own appearance because as a mental health therapist, my work involves lots of discussion with clients around body image issues. Plus, my wife kind of already works in the cosmetic business.  She has this kind of exclusive salon that specializes in installing hair extensions for women who want to improve their appearance. Basically, ladies who have thinning or short hair, go to her for a makeover and walk out looking years younger.

I should tell you this about my wife too – she has always looked a lot younger than me – even though we are close in age. She’s a Filipino woman with younger looking skin. God blessed Asian people with great genes because they just don’t seem to age. It’s like they are timeless. I mean my wife is over 40 and still looks as gorgeous as she did at 25. I’m not just saying that. She’s truly blessed!

The idea is that in my world of psychotherapy and owning and having a wife who owns a hair replacement business, the notion of a guy having a non-surgical face lift isn’t really a big deal. It’s sort of par for the course.

New Image Works medical spa outside of Chicago in Glenview, IL


 My  Experience at New Image Works in Glenview IL near Chicago

Alright, well, a few months before my birthday, my wife tells me about this long-time client of hers that had some work done on her face. The way my wife explained things, the lady looked 20 years younger.

So, I’m thinking – okay tell me more.  My wife Jenny tells me to check out the Instagram page of  New Image Works  medical spa in Glenview, IL.

Later that day, I pulled out my phone and started looking at their Instagram! Wow! They had hundreds of examples of these medical spas before and after pictures. Most of the photos were of women but there were a few guys sprinkled in there. I have to say in the most honest way I know how – the women looked smoking hot after they got their procedures done. I mean like, flawless skin, fuller lips, totally younger, beautiful skin. The feature that impressed me most was these ladies didn’t look fake and overdone. New Image Works Glenview offers lips injections, Botox, fillers, lasers and many other beauty treatments.

best hair extensions Before and after image from my wife's salon for hair extensions.[/caption]

BBL Face Treatment Process

Ok, by now, I had worked myself up enough with images in my mind of a younger looking me.  I was ready to get some cosmetic work done. After seeing all those before and after pictures, I was kind of excited!  So, I picked up my phone and called the Med Spa to schedule a consultation. It was pretty easy process too right – basically they said someone could meet with me over video chat on Face Time. I think a lot of med spas all over the country are probably doing it this way nowadays.

I get scheduled to meet with a friendly nurse named Tiffany on a Monday morning at 9:00 am. I’m like great – my ugliest hour of the day. Anyway, I agree and schedule the appointment.

So let me set the scene for you. Monday finally rolls around and I’m sitting at our dining room table. My four-year-old daughter is running wild around our condo - dressed as Elsa from Disney’s Frozen movie and my 2 Siamese cats are climbing all over me. I have this special term I use to describe our home: It’s part barn and part carnival – So- I call it Barncarnival. I’m thinking to myself – when this nurse sees me, she’s going to think I’m crazy.

So, at exactly 9am - I get the video call on my phone. from New Image Works.  Nurse Tiffany asks me to move my face up close to the camera so that she can see my skin. She squints her eyes and I can see that she’s really trying to study my face…Soon after,  I hear her start making these noises as she’s looking at thru the camera.  Then she asks me, “ Frank, what is it that you want to improve about your face and skin? I sort of laughed and told her – I want to look 15 years younger. At this point I’m half expecting her to say, sorry we can’t do that. But instead, she says, okay can you smile for me and can you also make a frown face. I comply by doing what she asks and start doing all these ridiculous faces in the camera. And of course, my precious little toddler can totally see what I’m doing and decides to get behind my left shoulder so she can also make silly faces at Tiffany too.

So they were are – daddy and 4 year old toddler making the ugliest faces possible at the nurse.

I’m like Geez baby girl , please– Daddy’s trying to talk to the nurse. Well, that just made my daughter even do it more.

What is BBL Forever Young?

So finally, after all of the distractions from the barncarnival- Tiffany says to me– “Okay, I think what you want might be possible”. “We might be able to make you look 15 years younger” “It looks like you are going to need a series of different treatments to achieve the results you want”. Next, I ask her, what do you think needs to be done?” After some back and forth, she recommends that I first get something called a BBL Forever Young laser treatment to clear up all the damage I had from having Rosacea. She then explains that an added benefit to the BBL laser is that it will greatly reduce some of the age spots on my face. I’m like, okay, sounds good to me – what else?

She then recommends that after I finish having the BBL laser that I do another kind of laser This one is called the Halo Fractional Laser and it’s used to resurface the skin.

Just so you are with me, she’s recommending that I have two separate types of laser treatments done. One is called BBL Forever Young – and the other is named Halo. I don’t want anyone to get confused because it took me a little while to understand the difference between the two types of lasers treatments, she was recommending I have done.

Tiffany explains to me that the first laser, the BBL - will correct some of the following problems with my skin.

  • Improve wrinkles and fine lines.
  • Make the skin firmer and more elastic
  • Reduce some of the acne scars
  • Fix some of the age spots
  • And will stimulate new skin growth.

What is Broadband Light Therapy

According  this laser’s website” Forever Young BBL is an innovative technology that uniquely delivers light therapy targeting the signs of aging and sun damage and effectively provides a more refreshed, rejuvenated and youthful appearance.”

I researched a little further and discovered that BBL is an acronym for the term Broad Band Laser.

From what I gathered; this is how it works:

Basically, this type of laser uses high intensity pulsed light to rejuvenate the skin and reverse some of the signs of aging. Here is some more information I can read about the BBL laser from a different Med Spa called Ideal Image, out of Tampa.

Alright, so there you have the technical stuff.

Okay, so at this point, I’m completely sold! Are you kidding me: get rid of the redness on my face, fix up those ugly wrinkles on my skin, even out my skin tone? I don’t care how much money this cost!  Where the hell do I sign up?

Why Choose a Non-Surgical Facelift?

But, not so fast – Nurse Tiffany then tells me, “If you want to really look younger, I recommend you get some Botox, and a few vials dermal filler after your finished with all the lasers. The fillers will give you some volume back in your cheeks and jaws, and the Botox will smooth out whatever wrinkles are left after all the laser work.

She then goes on to explain that the entire process is going to take several months… Because I’ll need time to heel between visits. At this point, I don’t even care. I’m 100% all in on getting this done. I figure -it took me over 4 decades to look this bad - what’s a few more months having to wait - going matter anyways.

You might be wondering right now – How much is all this going to cost? I know I sure as hell was thinking about that. So, Tiffany helped me do all the math and tally everything up.

Facelift Without Surgery Price

The total price tag for the whole shebang came to be about $6,000. That would include 2 BBL laser sessions at $400 each - 1 Halo fractional laser treatment at $1,500 and let’s see 4 syringes of filler at around $3,200 and then throw in the Botox at around $500.

There was a lot to be done on this worn out face, but if they were going to really make me look 15 years younger – it would be worth it….right?  Besides, our family didn’t take a vacation during 2020, because of the pandemic - so I had a little extra money to burn.


Ok so I arrive for my first visit. The office is in Glenview, IL – A swanky North Shore suburb of Chicago.  This area is way different from my own working-class dwellings in the city. Think of Glenview of being this like sort of Beverly Hills area of the Chicago Suburbs.

So, I drive to my first visit – not really knowing what to expect. When I pull in the parking lot, I couldn’t help but to notice all the nice cars. I mean there were new Mercedes, Tesla’s, BMW’s and Range Rovers everywhere. But I pulled my family Honda CRV into that parking lot with pride. I just didn’t care.

So, I go upstairs into this rather posh medical spa, and met with this awesome medical esthetician named Onute. I don’t want to give away her age on the podcast, but I can tell you that she was an older woman with ABSOLUTLEY flawless skin. I mean look – I took one look at her and knew I was going to be in good hands because of how good her pores looked.

Onute, also made me feel comfortable too right off the bat. Big bonus points from be for being personable in my book. I can’t stand snooty people because I can smell them a mile away. But not at this place, she was kind and down to earth.

She asked me about my skin history and explained how the laser was going to improve the redness from all the rosacea and facial flushing on my face. I sign the consent and away we went.

Do IPL Lasers Hurt?

So she first prepares my face by putting on this kind of numbing gel right! This stuff didn’t feel like much but she said this will help to protect my skin during the laser zapping. After a few mins of letting the gel settle in – Onute has be lay down flat on the medical bed. She then places some eyewear on my face – that kind of look like swimmers’ goggles. I’m guessing this was to protect my eyes from the laser beam.

She then she tells me, I’m going to take it easy on your skin this first go-around. We will cover the entire face, I want to see how sensitive your skin is to the BBL laser. There I am, helpless with my eyes covered up on the bed. You’re going to laugh when you see some of the photos on the website. Next, I hear her turn on the machine and the fun began.

At that very moment in time, I started thinking to myself -Frank, just imagine your on that old TV show called Fantasy Island – where Mr. Rourke would magically snap his finger and make someone young again.

Yea, that little daydream was quickly interrupted by the sounds of: ZAP, ZAP, ZAP! Although I can’t see it now, my esthetician was essentially gently moving the laser over different sections of my face. With every passing moment, the pulsations from the laser seemed to feel just a wee bit stronger. Maybe it was all in my head – but that’s what it felt like.

You might be wondering did the IPL laser hurt?  Well, to be honest – it wasn’t that bad. If you can imagine taking a rubber band and snapping it against your skin, that’s sort of the sensation I experienced. Except, it’s not just one rubber band. It’s like a lot of like dozens of rubber bands snapping different areas of my skin all at once. When it got too intense, she would ask me if I wanted to take a break – and then she would start again.

She focused the laser on some of the areas of my face where there were a lot of broken capillaries. For me that’s around my nose, cheeks, and skin.

How Long Did BBL Laser Session Last?

I think the whole procedure probably took about 30 to 40 mins. So afterwards, I took off the goggles and she asls me to look in the mirror. I can see that my face is kind of red and swollen. I didn’t look hideous or anything, but it was obvious that I had some work done. The only time I experienced any kind of actual pain was towards the end of the laser session. That’s probably because I had been laying there for a little while.  Overall, it wasn’t really a big deal. It kind of felt like a minor sun burn for the first 24 hours.

So, after we are done - I schedule my next BBL laser appointment for a month later. On the way out the door, Onute hands me this special Arnica ointment and tells me to put it on my face every few hours. She also instructs me to make sure I drink a lot of water and keep my skin hydrated.

Results After One Week

A week later, I can notice subtle changes in my skin. I mean my skin didn’t look radically different, but I could see there was some improvement. Hey, I was encouraged – maybe they really could make me look 15 years younger. Then about 10 days later, I could really start to see some changes. The broken capillaries around my nose had faded significantly. My skin tone was also a lot more even looking. Even my wife noticed and said – your skin looks fresh.

Second BBL Facial

Aropund a month later, I return for round 2 of the BBL. Onute, was as sweet as she was during my first visit. But this time, she tells me that she’s going to be a little more aggressive with trying to remove the redness and bumps on my face. I again lay down on the medical bed and she begins to work her magic with the laser machine. ZAP ZAP!  Wow! Ouch that stings a little. Okay this time I can defiantly tell that she’s increased the power of that laser. I can even smell my facial hair burning.  And not to scare you or anything, but this one was a little bit more painful. It never hurt to the point that I couldn’t take it – but there was a noticeable difference between the first and second treatment. So, a half hour goes by and I’m all done.

This time, when I look in the mirror, my face is mega swollen – especially around the areas where I’m prone to get those ugly broken capillaries. I had this kind of pulsating feeling all over my face too – as if I could feel my skin rising.

The good news was I had officially completed phase one of my quest to look fifteen years younger. I had successfully completed 2 BBL laser treatments – and now it was time to let my skin heal for a month.

Overall Satisfaction With Intense Pulse Light IPL Laser

What were the results from having the BBL Forever Young Laser? Well, after the 2 treatments – and $800 later - I have to say that I experienced near complete removal of all the red capillaries on my nose, cheeks and forehead. In other words, I didn’t look like I had an angry red face anymore.

I think maybe about 10 days after having the second treatment, I noticed that my skin texture improved significantly. My skin tone was much smoother looking – even when I looked at it under bright lights. And dare I say, my face had a slight glow to it. My skin had never glowed in the past, so, it was noticeably different. Not to go on about this but my face looked so improved that a woman from my gym asked me how I maintain such nice skin. Are you kidding me, no one had ever asked me anything like that, so I knew the laser worked great.

Altogether, I have to say that I was overwhelmingly impressed with the results.

Having said all that, there were still some areas that I wanted to improve. For example, even though my face looked much better, I was still missing that youthful look that I had wanted all along. I’d have to wait for the next phase of my makeover – with the other kind of laser they used on me.

Friends, that does it for this episode of the Parenting Over 40 Pod Cast.  Please make sure to tune in for the next episode where I’ll share part two of my non-surgical face lift. Here’s a little hint about what’s upcoming in the next show – the second phase of my face lift used a much different type of laser than the one I told you about in this episode. And that one wasn’t so pleasant!

I want to thank you for taking the time out of your day to listen to this show. If you enjoyed it, please subscribe, or maybe even leave a review.

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