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Keep up the good work

Great information and very helpful strategies!

Awesome ,

Absolutely love this channel!


Amazing work and great talk. Thank you for sharing your experiences ,


This podcast is amazing! Great, useful information

I liked this podcast so much more than some of the junk that is out there about mental health. At least Frank is a real therapist and not somebody pretending to be.

Better than the rest!

Frank’s approach & level of professionalism teaches the listener how to be their own best therapist!

Wonderful podcast

“Useful information that’s easy to understand”

Love this podcast

“I love Frank’s down to earth style of podcasting”

I am very happy'

“This show has helped me control panic attacks and anxiety”

'very nice'

I struggle a lot with anxiety and this show has helped me so much to feel better

Great advice. I learn so much about myself

I appreciate Franks advice on this podcast. Anyone who subscribes will learn something new about themself and how to handle it. Thanks, Frank.

Practical advice that's easy to understand.

Excellent podcast

Thanks Frank, this has helped me see things from a different perspective when it comes to parenting. I have a younger brother and will be sharing these with my parents.

Great Show

Great Podcast, I completely recommend tuning in. Great content and information in each episode, keep up the great work Frank! Can’t wait for the next episode!

A must listen podcast!

Finally a podcast sharing much needed down to earth help for parents or upcoming parents in all stages and phases in life. Thank you Frank!

The best podcast out there!!

This is one of my favorite podcasts and I’m so happy I found it. As a new mom It has allowed me to understand myself and the joy of becoming a new parent on a deeper level. I will forever be grateful!

Well it's my favorite podcast!

Insightful podcast with solid parenting tips! I enjoyed very much.

Enjoyed adoption show 🔥❤️

I loved the adoption show. Just hit the follow button. Can’t wait for new ones!

Interesting and useful content

Considering Adoption?

“Why Adoption Requires Honesty” is a great episode that contains helpful insights. Responsible adoption is key to a successful adoption. Looking forward to listening to more wonderful content from Frank.

Cool show

I liked the personal story telling and particularly the adoption show


Love the info. Great content!!

Great show!

Love this podcast. I will recommend this to my friends and family. Keep it up 🙂

Big thumbs up!

Hey Frank, thanks for doing this show from a guys perspective. It’s nice to see a dad out there who is giving some parenting tips.